Hosting Review Criteria

We assess every web host based on:

PriceThe number one item for choosing a shared hosting in 2021 is the price, and therefore we compare the prices of each hosting provider on a per-country basis for their cheapest plan.
UpTimeEach 1 minute we monitor the uptime for a single website hosted on a shared plan. This data is then analyzed and shown in percentages of the website's availability over a period of 1 year.
SpeedPage load speed from multiple locations across the globe is measured for each site.
FeaturesWe check all available features, their usefulness, and ease of use.
SecurityWebsite security is on top of our list, and since we use the same versions of WordPress core and plugins, we update them all at the same time across our test sites and monitor potential attacks or exploits.
SupportCustomer support is crucial, and we check both the response time on each ticket submitted and the accuracy of the support agent's response.
RefundRefund options are also notable for the final score, and they represent both the number of days that you can get a refund and the probability of getting one.

Our hosting review process:

  1. We purchase a test domain name to associate it with each host we review. By choosing a real domain name we make sure that the hosting company isn't aware of the tests we're about to be running.
  2. We purchase 1-year the cheapest shared hosting plan to represent the paying customer’s experience.
  3. Once we've connected the domain name with the hosting, we deploy a standard WordPress installation built with the same premium theme and content.
  4. We setup UpTime Robot to ensure the site is up and Pingdom to monitor it's performance. We collect the data in 1-minute intervals for a period of 1 year.
  5. We break something on purpose and ask their support to assist us in fixing it. We measure both their response rate and the accuracy of their answers.
  6. We go over all available features in their control panel and write our final review of their overall offer.

Why should you trust our honest hosting reviews?

We have long-term, real-world experience of hosting websites for over a decade and are familiar with all kinds of problems that you might face with a hosting provider.

We publish genuine, unbiased, and up-to-date personal reviews after actually buying and using the service.

Since we actually use the hosting that we purchase, we don't need external funds to operate and therefore hosting providers can't have an impact on our ratings.

100+ Hosts Compared By Uptime, Speed & Cost
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